Sal Cammarata exhibited paintings, drawings and prints in the New York metropolitan area for more than thirty years. His artistic style includes both figurative and nonfigurative work. The style he’s used reflects the period in his life the work was created and the materials used to make the work. His figurative paintings capture the light and color of the natural world and inspire his nonfigurative, abstract work in which he examines our inner world of memories and feelings. 

Cammarata studied art and architecture at The Cooper Union in New York City, is a graduate of Rice University in architecture, has an MBA from Baruch College, and is a licensed architect. He is fortunate to have studied drawing and painting with Lajos Markos, W. Carl Burger, and Maryann Neilson, the graphic arts with Robert Blackburn, and Eileen Foti, and digital printing at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey. All in New York and the metropolitan area.

Art and architecture have taken parallel tracks in Cammarata's life. Architecture has given his art structure, and art has given his architecture a lyrical quality. We hope you will find his work a visual pleasure as well as an intellectual challenge.


June 2016